Owner Name:Mark A. slaw
Year Started:2012
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Number of Employees:2

My wife and I had run a similar business some years ago before her back problems landed her in a wheel chair. This forced me back into television to pay the bills. Earlier this year, I looked at my wife and said "I want to have fun again." The job at the TV station wasn't getting it done, no one in my department had seen a pay raise in several years and I was becoming physically ill, and it turned out to have been due to the atmosphere at the station! When I got home after my last day, I greeted my wife, threw up and that was the last symptom of whatever it was that was afflicting me.

We decided to learn from the mistakes we made previously and are moving ahead. We're still beating the bushes, trying to land clients, but having fun in the process, and yes, Mr. Obama, we are building this ourselves!