Owner Name:Lewis Munn
Year Started:1954
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Number of Employees:1

This is not so much business, but is an "I built it"

When young, in school, had a bully who stole my bike a lot.

I warned him to stop, but he did not, so I collected some war-surplus electonic parts, and built an electronic zapper. It would hurt, but I tested it carefully on myself, and made sure the hurt was in one hand only.

Kid stole my bike, and when he came in to go to classes, I tricked him into grabbing the zapper, and he never stole my bike again...afraid of me after that!

I earned the money to buy the war surplus parts, I assembled them, I tested it on myself, and I zapped the bully myself.

I built it, I used it, I got the bully off me. And I took the parts home to build other things later on.

Small bit of business, but fully successful.

I learned from books, I earned the money, I bought the parts, I built it, I used it, and I disassembled it and used the parts later on in other projects.