Owner Name:Jan Horne
Year Started:1996
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Number of Employees:1 full time, 4 subcontractors

I was a stay at home mom for 20 years, mostly because our youngest child traveled for softball and played short stop. We were afraid of an injury and so I traveled all over the country with her. When she went to college I tried to find a job but no one would hire me because I hadnt worked in so long. Never mind that I had done tons of volunteer work and could run circles around most people on a computer. I had made enough money creating team videos to help pay for my daughters traleling expenses and so my husband said maybe I should just pursue that. So, I now do commercials, documentaries, social events, video for web sites. Sometimes I stay up until 3AM and get back up at 7AM. I'm not sure I'd want to do that for anyone else nor would anyone want to do this for me. Many people travel along the same road that I do (that by the way I PAID for with taxes) but no one else would put the time, along with missed family events to meet deadlines, that I would do.