Owner Name:John and Sarah (Husband/Wife Team)
Year Started:2009
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Number of Employees:3

I (John) was working in the heating and cooling industry, and while I had a good boss, good wages, and flexible scheduling, I wanted more. I wanted to be with my family, to watch them grow up, be a part of who they become, and to get out of the influences of society. I had always wanted that, but never came up with what I could do for a business.

Then my hours started getting reduced, due to the economy, and I eventually got laid off for 10 months, and off and on for a few months here and there over a 2 year span. It was during a short time back at work that I started thinking about an heirloom seed company we admired, as we like gardening. The business was began by a young guy, sitting on his bed in his parents house, packing seeds. I got to thinking, "Why can't we do that? His business has grown huge, if he could start that as a teenager living at home, we could do that too!" I called home on my break to tell my wife, Sarah, the idea. She of course had all the practical questions like where will the money come from. To this I answered, God can provide the money. He did, and here we are 3 years later, and thousands of hours of work put in.

My wife jumped on board, and became a true partner in this business, putting in many hours of research online, and on the phone, etc. We built our business as a team.

We knew nothing at all about website development. That didn't stop us! We got books from the library, studied for hours, and built our own website from scratch. We have put in hours and hours of studying and learning more about gardening, heirloom/open-pollinated seeds, hybrid seeds, genetically modified organism(GMOs), and why some of these are bad. We have worked to gain the knowledge we would need to help our customers, and we continue to learn and study all the time, so we can be of the best help to those who come to us with questions.

We have worked hard to build a company based on good old-fashioned customer service, the best products we can supply, doing our best to treat customers how we like to be treated by a business, all while striving to honor God in all we do here. We have had absolutely no government assistance, no grants, etc. This business had been built solely, by us, a husband wife team, with the help of all family members able to help when they can, and most of all by the grace of God.

Mr. President, government didn't build our business, WE DID!