Owner Name:Michael Donald Wise
Year Started:1975
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Number of Employees:5

Michael designed a kit for a PC, including a keyboard, a number pad, a monitor. Later, BYTE Magazine determined it was the first PC, with the Altair 8800 predating him, but it only had a panel with lights and switches. Micheal selected Ctrl-Alt-Del as three keys that would clear his 4K or ram without recycling the power, which was hard on the equipment. Michael was a creative genius, but not much of a businessman. He sold $760,000 in less than two months, worked for several months putting kits together and shipping them nation wide. He got way behing and had orders cancelled because he was having a difficult time obtaining all of the parts. This was 1975 when parts were in short supply because there was no pc industry yet. He eventually folded and lost everything.