Owner Name:Any Business Owner USA
Year Started:2009
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Number of Employees:49 (scared to be at 50 due to Obama Care)

I founded my company in January 2009, leaving a well-paying position at a large firm.

Although I loved my previous position, I wanted to build relationships with my clients, instead of just “transactions” so I could create a client base with recurring revenue — and to have the personal freedom to work whenever and however I wanted.

I am approaching my 4th year of business. It hasn't been easy, especially overcoming most business owners fears of when the next banking, housing, tsunami will occur.

I self funded the start-up (with my AFTER TAX dollars) and by the grace of God and unfathomable number of hours, I am still in business. I can relate with the business owners I serve, as I know what it is like to work long hours — while worrying about how to pay my employees and vendors, keep ahead of the competition and satisfy the tax man.

My company pays its fair share of taxes, such as federal and state income, Social Security, Medicare and unemployment to all states in which I have employees, as well as business property, license and state income taxes.

I am also in compliance in each state I conduct business in (I found California, Washington and Massachusetts to be the most expensive.)

I also fly my employees across the country, and pay dearly on all the government imposed taxes on airlines!

So, if the government built my company, then please, by all means, start paying my employees, start paying my fixed expenses, start paying me. If not, then please, get out of our way, stop over-regulating the banks making it near impossible for SME to get working capital loans; stop forcing additional requirements on us!

How can we operate on a budget when we don’t know what our health care costs will be, when we don’t know what our tax obligations will be?

Oh I know why ... because our government cannot balance its own budget.