Owner Name:Raymond Carnes & Ronald Cundy
Year Started:2009 The week the stock market bottomed
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Number of Employees:11

When the stock market crashed, people stopped buying cars and insurance companies stopped paying claims. As a result, two long time friends, a car dealer and an attorney, started REC TEC.

Ray and Ron both had a passion for grilling but the market place did not produce the grill they wished they could buy. So they set out to build the ultimate grill. We brain stormed for months and prototyped for years. From all of the time and money invested the REC TEC Grill was born. It bakes, smokes, grills, sears and dehydrates all in one backyard appliance. It features smart grill technology and is so easy a kid can use it.

Sales launched in 2011 and tripled in 2012. Last month we took our first paychecks from the business we built. No government grants, No SBA loans and no government incentives. This business was built on sweat and sacrifice by us and our families. Our families deserve a special thank you from us for doing without so we could follow our passion and build this business.

The American Dream is still alive!!!!