Owner Name:Jeff Simmons
Year Started:1987
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Number of Employees:80

I sold my 1965 Chris Craft that I had bought a few years before to pay for the oil tanks for my first 10 minute oil change service center. I hired my girl friend as my first manager and leased the ground and building from a local home builder. My eighth store opened on Sept. 11, 2001. Today I have 10 locations, my brother has 3 more, and we employ over 90 people. I married my store manager and have been proudest of the employees that have been able to support their families through the company I built. Yes the 100 hour weeks and lost social life was tough at the beginning, but yes, I would do it again. In a strange twist, my 1959 Chris Craft that was stolen, and the reason I had purchased the '65 that I sold, was found 22 years later and I was able to recover it. It is now fully restored and sits at my home I also built.