State:South Carolina
Owner Name:Neil Derrick
Year Started:Aug. 1996
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Number of Employees:One-me

Started my sole proprietorship business 16 yrs.ago (after a 15 yr.employment at the local YMCA).Through prayer,sweat,worry & the support of my wife I took a giant leap of Faith, starting with a few clients and over the course of months built my clientele to numbers that would sustain my business!My clients workout in small group sessions, keeping their cost low and maintaining loyality with me. Currently my workout facility is 1950 sq. feet with ample exercise equipment. Today,16 yrs. later I still am my own boss,it's just me, working 5 days/week and giving my clients the best I can possibily give. An additional note:twenty-one months ago I took up folk art painting (after never having painted before, having no formal training). Today my side business is:Rustic Folk Art by Neil Derrick! I paint for pleasure and sell paintings as a second small business. Yes, I did build both of my businesses, the government has not offered to help me one time, in fact it's small businesses like mine that support the government...without us, they would NOT survive, the government is still alive because of the small business men & women that make up this Great Nation, AMERICA!! GOD Bless America!!!!