Owner Name:Randall C Fullerton
Year Started:2001
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Number of Employees:1

As a result of 9/11, the copier/printer company i was working for as a technical salesperson,decided to increase our hours, decrease our pay, and several other things that i found unacceptable.
They paid for my technical/computer training prior, and i had been doign some small side jobs, and simple projects for my customer base that the company did not do, so when this happened, i simply left, and went after small business computer repair, network installation, etc...Basically, i became their IT department....
I have a niche business, work strictly for smb's and the like, have many clients, some for 10+ years now, and make a decent living for myself and the wife.
I started with nothing except a desire to succeed, and a spare bedrooom to work out of. Many late nights, early morings and long weekends learning, solving problems and making clients happy.
Today, i still work alone, hire contractors when necessary and partner with other like minded individuals and companies to collaborate on various projects.
All in all, i am quite happy and feel very proud to know that i took it from zero clients to hundreds, and 10+ years of doing one day, one client at a time.
Only in America....RC Fullerton