Owner Name:Ryan M. Peel, CMI
Year Started:2000
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Number of Employees:2

I started my business working out of my home with what few resources I had. Long hours of door to door visits and cold calling realtors slowly began to pay off. As I was able to generate a little revenue, I began to purchase more equipment, afford more advertisement and eventually leave the home to set up shop in a professional office. Again, through long hours of hard work, many sleepless nights of stress wondering how bills would be paid and stress on my young family, I began to grow to a point where I would be able to hire employees. Twelve years later I am one of the largest inspection firms in my area, but I still strive to grow with long hours, hard work and still many sleepless nights. I built my business from the ground up. Literally. No goverment funding, subsidy or hand out was even considered. The pride I feel for my accomplishments is only trumped by my pride for my children who I have already begun to instill the values of being a real business owner. Not a government dependent.