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On Friday, July 13, 2012, Barack Obama continued his assault on you, one of
America’s exceptional entrepreneurs. His infamous, “You didn’t build that” speech
clearly shows his true desire for a government-centered economy.
But we won’t let that happen. Not on our watch. Not in our America.
This website is your opportunity to share your story.
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Owner Name:Mark A. slaw
Year Started:2012
Email or Website:www.virginialanguagesvcs.com
Number of Employees:2

My wife and I had run a similar business some years ago before her back problems landed her in a wheel chair. This forced me back into television to pay the bills. Earlier this year, I looked at my wife and said "I want to have fun again." The job at the TV station wasn't getting it done, no one in my department had seen a pay raise in several years and I was becoming physically ill, and it turned out to have been due to the atmosphere at the station! When I got home after my last day, I greeted my wife, threw up and that was the last symptom of whatever it was that was afflicting me.

We decided to learn from the mistakes we made previously and are moving ahead. We're still beating the bushes, trying to land clients, but having fun in the process, and yes, Mr. Obama, we are building this ourselves!

Owner Name:Michael Evans
Year Started:1995
Email or Website:www.NationalBilling.com
Number of Employees:15

When I was working for labs helping with their medical billing systems I saw a need for electronic medical claims for doctors and knew doctors would want to get their money faster, up to 10 times faster by submitting claims electronically. When I was let go from a small lab in Florida that was the kick that I needed to start my small company in my spare bedroom. I bought one computer and some billing software and started National Billing Institute a medical billing company.

At first our focus was to offer electronic billing to doctors but as the company grew so did my services. We saw the need for a better way to get the data from the medical office to our office so we found a company that could transmit that data to us via a file. When the internet exploded we found an online medical billing software that we liked and started using that and offering our providers with more transparancy with their billing, they could now have access to the billing and see the work and we became a full service medical billing company. We now handle all the billing work so the doctor or provider can better focus on treating patients then the billing.
With the horrible Obamacare causing doctors to lose even more money our company helps by lowering their cost because we are far cheaper than doing the billing in house and we increase the revenue by making sure we get paid on every claim and appealing denied claims.
We went from a small 200 sq ft room to a 3500 sq ft office space with state of the art computers for the billers and we expanded our services even more.
We now offer Electronic medical records programs that work with our software to help the doctors with their charting. We have partnered with one of the largest Ipad EMR companies to be thier billing company for any provider that wants to use the EMR and needfs help with the biling. We have clients in over 14 states and all time zones.
I built this company from the ground up with help from my father, not the government. I never got one penny from the government, but I did pay my fair share in taxes on the profits I made. We were never able to even get any help from the government, so I don't know how they can say they helped my company because all the government did was put rules into place to make it harder for me to hire and more expensive to run my company.
I did build National Billing from the ground up!

Year Started:1991
Number of Employees:1

starting small and still small. wanted something to suppliment my retirement if the government has not used it up

Owner Name:Lewis Munn
Year Started:1954
Email or Website:looeyTheSmall@Yahoo.com
Number of Employees:1

This is not so much business, but is an "I built it"

When young, in school, had a bully who stole my bike a lot.

I warned him to stop, but he did not, so I collected some war-surplus electonic parts, and built an electronic zapper. It would hurt, but I tested it carefully on myself, and made sure the hurt was in one hand only.

Kid stole my bike, and when he came in to go to classes, I tricked him into grabbing the zapper, and he never stole my bike again...afraid of me after that!

I earned the money to buy the war surplus parts, I assembled them, I tested it on myself, and I zapped the bully myself.

I built it, I used it, I got the bully off me. And I took the parts home to build other things later on.

Small bit of business, but fully successful.

I learned from books, I earned the money, I bought the parts, I built it, I used it, and I disassembled it and used the parts later on in other projects.

Owner Name:Scott Beene & Michael Morrison
Year Started:2000
Email or Website:www.diversicomcorp.com
Number of Employees:3

"Delivering Innovative Technology Services with a Servant's Heart" sums up the corporate culture of Diversicom. Diversicom was started with the singular mission to enslave technology to businesses - and unshackle enslaved businesses to technology. Our efforts have resulted in successfully redefining the role of how technology should be implemented in a business for our clients. The hours are long, the the pay is not always great, but our passion for excellence has given our customers the assurance that integrating technology in a business should lead to higher productivity and profitability. The transformations in our customer's businesses, through the appropriate use of technology, has never been the result of any "Government" intervention. If anything, we find government meddling in technology a major obstacle to success.

Owner Name:Randall C Fullerton
Year Started:2001
Email or Website:www.peritusit.com
Number of Employees:1

As a result of 9/11, the copier/printer company i was working for as a technical salesperson,decided to increase our hours, decrease our pay, and several other things that i found unacceptable.
They paid for my technical/computer training prior, and i had been doign some small side jobs, and simple projects for my customer base that the company did not do, so when this happened, i simply left, and went after small business computer repair, network installation, etc...Basically, i became their IT department....
I have a niche business, work strictly for smb's and the like, have many clients, some for 10+ years now, and make a decent living for myself and the wife.
I started with nothing except a desire to succeed, and a spare bedrooom to work out of. Many late nights, early morings and long weekends learning, solving problems and making clients happy.
Today, i still work alone, hire contractors when necessary and partner with other like minded individuals and companies to collaborate on various projects.
All in all, i am quite happy and feel very proud to know that i took it from zero clients to hundreds, and 10+ years of doing one day, one client at a time.
Only in America....RC Fullerton

Year Started:1995
Number of Employees:76

Cal Net Technology Group began as a company called PC Literate, which I started in December of 1995. I worked in the computer department at Circuit City in Woodland Hills, California, while attending Cal State Northridge. This was during the boom of the first PC in the home, shortly after Windows 95 was released. After spending considerable time with each of my clients on the sales floor, many of my clients asked “can you come to my house, set up my PC, and show me how to use it?” Circuit City didn’t offer these services at the time, so seeing an opportunity, I started “PC Literate” an in-home computer setup, training, and support company, and I was the sole employee.

After the store management of Circuit City saw the positive results (lower PC returns and more satisfied customers), they informally endorsed PC Literate’s services. In a period of about 3 years, I had gone into over 500 homes to set up its clients’ PCs.

I pitched this service to the regional management at Circuit City, however, they didn’t think that an “in-home” computer service offering would take off, so PC Literate’s business would be limited to a single store.

After graduating from Cal State Northridge in 1997, I went to a local trade school to earn my certification as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. I wanted to branch out into the business market, and enjoyed the complexity of networking and administering larger systems. It was during this time in school that I envisioned Cal Net Technology Group, and transitioned my business from PC Literate to Cal Net Technology Group.

In the summer of 1998, I set up his my first network. I shortly thereafter started obtaining an increasing number of clients in the business arena, and hired an employee to assist with the home user business.

From there I continued to grow Cal Net Technology Group, never taking out a loan or line of credit, one employee at a time. I hired good, hard working people, paid them well, and treated them as I would want to be treated.

We are now a 76 person company, and help some of the largest corporations in California with their technology. We have hired 10 people in the last 4 months and are growing steadily, despite the Obama economy.

I built it, with the help of lots of great employees, and with the government, by and large, staying out of the way.

Owner Name:Larry and Kat Clark
Year Started:2012
Email or Website:http://therestorationfarm.blogspot.com
Number of Employees:2

We are in the process of building our farm which we hope will help others begin their own small farm. We have physically built a chicken coop and three Hoop Houses. Not only are we a farm growing chemical free vegetables, fruits and berries but we have a ministry for broken pastors funded by the farm. We hope to one day employ several men or women who cannot work anywhere else.

Year Started:06, 2006
Number of Employees:4

I quit my job as the creative director for a company in Phoenix. My wife and I cashed out part of my 401K to purchase computers, printers, camera equipment, and fixed up my home office. To date... We service more than 60 clients nationwide. In the first year, we had no clients and were living off of our savings until the phone started ringing. Not one single person from the government helped us with anything other than visiting us four times a year to collect taxes. Yes, we built it. I came to this country at the age of 13 as a Vietnam War refugee. Floating from one refugee camp to another. I didn't even speak English. Worked odd jobs to get myself through college and earned a BA degree. Life was hard but freedom was all I ever wanted and got it through the blood of ARVN and American Military. YES, I BUILT MY COMPANY. Thank you for letting me voice my frustration. God Bless. Quang & Mai Nguyen

Owner Name:Chris Bromlow
Year Started:1992
Email or Website:www.cuttingedgesignstudio.com
Number of Employees:2

I started my sign shop at the age of 21 with $1500 in savings. After working 70-100 hours every week for several years, my business thrived. I was able to employ several people over the years and we had the reputation of doing some of the best quality work around! As insurance and taxes (ie: government)continued to increase, I closed shop in 2005 to work for a local Hospice Pharmacy. Little did I know that 5 years later Obamacare would cause that company to completely restructure to remain competitive. After being let go in 2010, I started the sign shop again - in just 2 years - without advertising or cold calls - our reputation and hard work brought the level of business near what had been years previous!

For 13 years I worked the long hours, I paid the bills, I went without a paycheck, I took care of my customers and my employees. Government did nothing but get in my way and hold me back. So when President Obama insults me by telling me that 'I didn't build it' - I have to ask...Who the hell do you think you are? What did YOU build?

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