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On Friday, July 13, 2012, Barack Obama continued his assault on you, one of
America’s exceptional entrepreneurs. His infamous, “You didn’t build that” speech
clearly shows his true desire for a government-centered economy.
But we won’t let that happen. Not on our watch. Not in our America.
This website is your opportunity to share your story.
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State:New York
Year Started:1922
Number of Employees:5

My grandfather was the first landscaper to incorporate in this area back in 1922. Everytime he made money, he bought property. His two sons and two son-in-laws came into the business, only to fight and destroy it after he passed. With no money in my pocket, and my wife giving birth to our first child a week later, I went off and tried to rebuild what was lost. It has been a difficult struggle. After 9/11 our insurance company doubled our rates, saying they needed the extra money to cover the losses at the world trade center. Every year taxes, insurance, fuel costs, labor costs, equipment costs go up, but the customers do not want to pay more money. That means every year I personally make less money to support my family. I'm on my own, and the government has done nothing to make it easier...

Owner Name:Alex Ward
Year Started:2001
Email or Website:Alex.sentertainment@gmail.com
Number of Employees:1

When I was 13, I spent the summer working for my dad so I could earn enough money to start my own DJ business. While it is not my primary source of income, it is a fun side job.

Owner Name:Bruce Pergament
Year Started:1999
Email or Website:bruceslakeside.com
Number of Employees:2

We live in a small, rural county and believed there was a need for high quality, reasonably priced cars and trucks. My wife and I buy, clean, and sell all of our vehicles and we drive what we sell.

Owner Name:Becky & Cortney Wanca
Year Started:2009
Email or Website:http://www.speechtherapyideas.com/
Number of Employees:2

SpeechTherapyIdeas.com was started in 2009 to provide free speech therapy ideas and low cost printable therapy materials to Speech-Language Pathologists. The goal of our family-run business was to provide fresh therapy ideas and materials to SLPs. Today, our website is used by thousands of therapists from around the world to help children in speech or language therapy each month.

Owner Name:Lawrence
Year Started:1977
Email or Website:llarry6409@aol.com
Number of Employees:16

I was a teacher in high school. I taught shop. I left and started my own business in cabinets. I had no real money but I had knowledge of woodworking and a desire to give to people a product they could be proud of. Within a year I was so busy I couldnt believe it. I put my heart into that business and every business since then. I had some failures but i never gave up and to this day Im proud to say I built that.

Owner Name:Tom Baerg
Year Started:2012
Email or Website:https://www.facebook.com/GeneralPurposeComputing
Number of Employees:2

As a computer enthusiast for the last 13 years, I decided my hobby and passion to the test and start running a small PC repair shop out of my house for now, with plans to relocate or build a separate location in the next couple years, God willing.

Year Started:1987
Number of Employees:2

In 1987, at the age of fifty-four, I lost my job. I stared my own oil field business. I am 79 and still work. Long hours and much hard work(I blend oil field chemical in 55 gal drums ) much physical work and we are still going in spite of all Obama 's help.

Owner Name:Josh Peterson
Year Started:2010
Email or Website:"Odp Authentic Jerseys" on facebook
Number of Employees:1

Being the die-hard sports fan that I am, I decided to establish a small business that specializes in saving sports fans money when purchasing authentic sports jerseys for over 50% off store prices. There's nothing more enjoyable than being responsible for that smile on a customer's face while keeping money in their wallet when they receive our product.

Year Started:1999
Email or Website:pcsnapit@gmail.com
Number of Employees:2

My wife & I were running a very successful home based shop, assembling electronic P.C. boards ; we were a subcontractor for MUSICAM. I have been employed full time the entire time, and worked at home in my own time. This business was her full time job.

In October of 2008 we were told by our contact at MUSICAM that if obama wins the election, their customers will cancel their orders. In February of 2009, they did just that. My wife had to find a job working for an employer, it took her 3 years, she is now working at ACC, but during that time we fell behind on our mortgage due to her loss of income. We are still struggling to get back to where we were financially before 2008, and are not better off today.

State:West Virginia
Owner Name:William Adams
Year Started:2011
Email or Website:http://www.adams-legal.com
Number of Employees:2

After 12 years of working for law firms, I took a leap of faith and started my own law firm in Morgantown WV. Having worked for insurance defense firms previously, I did not have the bill boards and a ready-made public persona, advertising or client base. Instead, I had experience, a solid track record of success as a trial attorney on the defense and some experience in business law and built a new practice from the ground up. After a lot of sweat, tears and tons of hard work and long hours, I am happy to have a solid base of clients in a variety of different practice areas and can joyfully say my practice is growing.

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