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On Friday, July 13, 2012, Barack Obama continued his assault on you, one of
America’s exceptional entrepreneurs. His infamous, “You didn’t build that” speech
clearly shows his true desire for a government-centered economy.
But we won’t let that happen. Not on our watch. Not in our America.
This website is your opportunity to share your story.
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Owner Name:various
Year Started:1980
Email or Website:various
Number of Employees:various

I did not build a company, but I have worked for various "entrepreneurs" in the USA. I have also lived abroad for many years (mostly in Europe)and entrepreneurs are truly indigenous to the USA. I have worked for hard-working risk-takers and they havent always made money. But I can see the tremendous value in these industrious people. God Bless them... and it didn't seem that the government ever lent a helping hand.

Owner Name:scott cannon
Year Started:1990
Email or Website:cannondevelopment@gmail.com
Number of Employees:0 at this time

built from an idea and desire... with help/support from family

no bank loans = no work for the building industry...it may be time to move from california if leadership doesn't change.

Year Started:2011
Number of Employees:4

I taught flute lessons for 30 years, and saw the need in my town for an upscale music school. I applied for the LLC with the state of Minnesota. Then I set up online payments and scheduling. Found rental space in a church. Hired one teacher who taught everything. Enrolled first piano student last November. Now there are 4 teachers and 35 students. Networking groups help. Parents keep telling me how much this music school is needed, and they are glad to have found it. Hope to buy a building and add a dance program in the future.

Owner Name:Nelson H. Head
Year Started:1995
Email or Website:www.dixiebones.com
Number of Employees:60

My partner and I started the barbeque company in 1995 in Northern Virginia. Since then, we have grown to 60 employees. Together with them, we built this successful business.

In the past three years, our sales have stopped growing. When the Federal Reserve covers the US Deficit by printing more money, the cost of food goes up due to inflation, ruining our margins. Also the cost of gas has doubled, taking descretionary income from our existng and potential customers. With Obamacare, we add another layer of taxes and expenses we pay just for hiring someone. For these reasons, small businesses which were growing at 20% a year before Obama came to office are now flat or dying.

Year Started:2011
Number of Employees:15

I bought a franchise that was dead in the water in December 2011 and I am still in the process of building it day by day without the help of anyone except my father who helped me with the down payment since I could not get a loan from the bank. Becoming a business owner is the best thing I ever did. At this time it is constant stress and a learning experience. IN NO WAY HAS THE GOVERNMENT HELPED ME when i'm the trenches making choices on a day to day basis. Nervous constantly, constantly trying to learn. And yes Mr. President the roads that I drive on to work may have been paid for by the government but government money COMES FROM OUR PAYCHECKS!!!! How dare they say we did not build it! I'm building it everyday!!!

Year Started:2012
Number of Employees:2

My idea...my money...my work. Obama takes my money...no more money to keep going...

Owner Name:Darin Branch
Year Started:2012
Email or Website:fixmytaxproblem.com
Number of Employees:6

The company we were working for went broke. We all found ourselves without jobs, so we started our own company. Helping folks with tax problems. We now provide. We also provide Para-Legal Support to professional who do tax resolution work

Owner Name:Blake Mason
Year Started:2003
Email or Website:Www.homeprovacuum.com
Number of Employees:5

As a 24 year old, I started HomePro with a loan from my Mom. We grew to be a major player in our market. In 2008, when the housing market crumbled, we nearly lost everything. Going back to basics, I ran the company solo for more than a year. After repaying all of my vendors and creditors, I began hiring again. Despite the still floundering economy, this year, we will post our best year ever!

Year Started:2009
Number of Employees:1

I started my firm while I was still working full time and finishing up my MBA (Graduated Suma Cum Laude. I used no federal funding and am now somewhat full time. It is hard to keep going as federal regulations are killing small businesses (my clients), but we are still fighting.

Owner Name:Bobby Fowler
Year Started:2007
Email or Website:www.1stPriorityHomeInspections.com
Number of Employees:2

My job of 30 years left me in 2007 so I started this home inspection company from scratch. I built a website, created my own marketing materials and hit the sidewalks making my business known. The first two years were lean but my wife Janie and I kept going, working part time jobs and saving every way we could. It has paid off and now we have a very successful business without taking any grants or assistance what-so-ever. We did build it, God Bless America.

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