Owner Name:Michael Evans
Year Started:1995
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Number of Employees:15

When I was working for labs helping with their medical billing systems I saw a need for electronic medical claims for doctors and knew doctors would want to get their money faster, up to 10 times faster by submitting claims electronically. When I was let go from a small lab in Florida that was the kick that I needed to start my small company in my spare bedroom. I bought one computer and some billing software and started National Billing Institute a medical billing company.

At first our focus was to offer electronic billing to doctors but as the company grew so did my services. We saw the need for a better way to get the data from the medical office to our office so we found a company that could transmit that data to us via a file. When the internet exploded we found an online medical billing software that we liked and started using that and offering our providers with more transparancy with their billing, they could now have access to the billing and see the work and we became a full service medical billing company. We now handle all the billing work so the doctor or provider can better focus on treating patients then the billing.
With the horrible Obamacare causing doctors to lose even more money our company helps by lowering their cost because we are far cheaper than doing the billing in house and we increase the revenue by making sure we get paid on every claim and appealing denied claims.
We went from a small 200 sq ft room to a 3500 sq ft office space with state of the art computers for the billers and we expanded our services even more.
We now offer Electronic medical records programs that work with our software to help the doctors with their charting. We have partnered with one of the largest Ipad EMR companies to be thier billing company for any provider that wants to use the EMR and needfs help with the biling. We have clients in over 14 states and all time zones.
I built this company from the ground up with help from my father, not the government. I never got one penny from the government, but I did pay my fair share in taxes on the profits I made. We were never able to even get any help from the government, so I don't know how they can say they helped my company because all the government did was put rules into place to make it harder for me to hire and more expensive to run my company.
I did build National Billing from the ground up!