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I do not own my own company. Nor do I ever plan to. It's not in my DNA, and I accept that.

I have, however, had the privilege to work for several small business owners over the past 20 years. As a rule, the owners that I have known are hard-working men and women who work long hours with outdated and used office equipment to save money. They vacuum office floors and wash their own windows to save money. They responsd immediately to their customers--any customer, large or small--because they are all important. They work holidays and weekends.

They don't have a staff of professional chefs to make their meals; they bring sack lunches to save money.

They don't play golf as much as the President does; unless someone gives them a gift card for the green fees.

They fly coach on Southwest; not in a private chartered jet with first-class service.

They don't vacation in Hawaii at taxpayer expense; they stay in a hotel with a pool and check email while their kids splash around.

Don't you dare tell me these hard-working men and women didn't build anything. That's the illogical, unfounded rant of a delusional man.

And if these men and women get rich instead of me - good for them. They put in their time and money and sweat. It's their labor of love. They deserve to profit from it.