Owner Name:Melvin A. & Jeffery D. Jones
Year Started:1989
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Number of Employees:8

Melvin saw the need in the Permian Basin in the 1980's for a specialty hydraulic shop. He had worked at many machining businesses in the basin since he got out of the service so he set up his one man shop and hired a helper. Today he is semi-retired and his son has mostly taken over managing the business which has grown to three helpers and a secretary.
The family built this business, managed the money, met the payroll, researched and offered the competitive benefits to attract competent workers. The family has invested all the blood, sweat and tears to grow this business to the tax paying entity it is today. Employers pay taxes, not employees as so many of you think. Sure all pay in to medicare and social security which has been bankrupt since the 1950's but I am talking about the general fund that pays our leaders' salaries and funds their earmark welfare and food stamp programs. WE need to take our Country Back, America's Small Businesses!