Owner Name: Anthony Saliba
Phone Number:
Number of Employees:84

With an idea, and "Necessity is the Mother of Invention" as the guiding principle, I raised money from friends to start a company in 1998. In the years that followed, we were able to >>BUILD<< a company that now employs 80+ people.

I'm an individual, who had an idea, teamed up with great people that are smart and we built a great business. No government help... just a lot of rules and regulations to navigate before we could succeed, but no assistance.

The sum total of the 14+ years of operation is over 1,000 "man-years" of employment that has been created for the families of our staff.

We have had ups and downs, great times and tough times, but all-in-all we have produced great goods and services, filled the need of the industry and BUILT a great company together.

To say: "You didn't build that!" is either disingenuous or based on ignorance of how America works.

Get the government out of the way!