Owner Name:Adam Hommey
Year Started:2003
Email or Website:
Number of Employees:1 employee, several contractors in USA and Canada

I started this company as a research firm in 2003 while working my full-time job. For two years I continued to live with my parents while I poured every penny of discretionary income into building the business until I able to make it my full-time vocation.

Later it became an internet marketing consulting firm, taking its current name in August 2010.

Through blood, toil, tears, and sweat, I have built a prosperous business that creates revenue opportunities for others. Through our work we have helped several other American entrepreneurs generate over $4 million in additional revenue and have created opportunities along the way for at least eight other entrepreneurs who have helped us and our clients build their businesses.

As a coach and mentor, I have helped two other companies - a web development firm and a social media marketing firm - become sustainable and profitable, enabling their owners, who built their businesses, to enjoy lifestyles they otherwise would not have attained.

I have never had an SBA loan. The only financial assistance I ever received was a debt consolidation loan to wipe out some credit card debt I ran up at the beginning. I have a modest line of credit and a couple remaining credit card balances I am paying down.

When I took the debt consolidation loan, I asked for an additional $5,000 to use to create a new venture. I had my business plan, my program, and the people already in place. The loan officer told me I was "not entitled" to extra money as it would be "unfair" to other people, all the while he continued to try to hit me up for referrals.

I have gratitude and love for my customers who have been with me for many years, and my mentors who have guided me along the way. In the end, it has been my own relentless effort and perseverance when others told me I'd be better off giving up, that has kept me going.

I am inspired every day knowing my work helps other American entrepreneurs build their businesses.