Owner Name:Chris Bromlow
Year Started:1992
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Number of Employees:2

I started my sign shop at the age of 21 with $1500 in savings. After working 70-100 hours every week for several years, my business thrived. I was able to employ several people over the years and we had the reputation of doing some of the best quality work around! As insurance and taxes (ie: government)continued to increase, I closed shop in 2005 to work for a local Hospice Pharmacy. Little did I know that 5 years later Obamacare would cause that company to completely restructure to remain competitive. After being let go in 2010, I started the sign shop again - in just 2 years - without advertising or cold calls - our reputation and hard work brought the level of business near what had been years previous!

For 13 years I worked the long hours, I paid the bills, I went without a paycheck, I took care of my customers and my employees. Government did nothing but get in my way and hold me back. So when President Obama insults me by telling me that 'I didn't build it' - I have to ask...Who the hell do you think you are? What did YOU build?