Owner Name:Stephen Forrest
Year Started:2008
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Number of Employees:1

As an active duty military member coming up on retirement I decided I don't want to work for someone when I'm out. After hurricane Katrina I was looking for new countertops and discovered the beauty of decorative concrete. I wanted to do it for myself. I began taking training as I could afford it and when I could take the leave. Eventually I felt like I knew enough to do this on my own. So in 2008 I purchased a piece of property with a shop and a small apartment. In the beginning I was basically do work for friends at cost. Working my nights and weekends between training trips and deployments to other countries. For the last year I am finally up and running full speed, although I still have to do the work in the evenings and weekends until I retire next month. Im planning to move my business to N. GA or northers AL. It's been slow and it's been costly but it will pay off in the long run. My only "employee" is my wife She's awesome, gets right out there beside me helping me form and pour the countertops. It's my hope to eventually have at least one full time employee maybe more. That would be a good sign of success; wouldn't it?