Year Started:06, 2006
Number of Employees:4

I quit my job as the creative director for a company in Phoenix. My wife and I cashed out part of my 401K to purchase computers, printers, camera equipment, and fixed up my home office. To date... We service more than 60 clients nationwide. In the first year, we had no clients and were living off of our savings until the phone started ringing. Not one single person from the government helped us with anything other than visiting us four times a year to collect taxes. Yes, we built it. I came to this country at the age of 13 as a Vietnam War refugee. Floating from one refugee camp to another. I didn't even speak English. Worked odd jobs to get myself through college and earned a BA degree. Life was hard but freedom was all I ever wanted and got it through the blood of ARVN and American Military. YES, I BUILT MY COMPANY. Thank you for letting me voice my frustration. God Bless. Quang & Mai Nguyen