Owner Name:John and Kathy Wyer
Year Started:2000
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Number of Employees:2

My husband and I built our business by ourselves. I also work at genesis healthcare so I have 2 jobs. I don't see anyone else buying or selling for our business

Owner Name: Anthony Saliba
Phone Number:
Number of Employees:84

With an idea, and "Necessity is the Mother of Invention" as the guiding principle, I raised money from friends to start a company in 1998. In the years that followed, we were able to >>BUILD<< a company that now employs 80+ people.

I'm an individual, who had an idea, teamed up with great people that are smart and we built a great business. No government help... just a lot of rules and regulations to navigate before we could succeed, but no assistance.

The sum total of the 14+ years of operation is over 1,000 "man-years" of employment that has been created for the families of our staff.

We have had ups and downs, great times and tough times, but all-in-all we have produced great goods and services, filled the need of the industry and BUILT a great company together.

To say: "You didn't build that!" is either disingenuous or based on ignorance of how America works.

Get the government out of the way!

Owner Name:Adam Samuelian
Phone Number:630 457-9020
Number of Employees: <10

Whiteboard Development Group, LLC was formed in May of 2006 bringing together a handful of successful programmers, web designers, graphic designers, and marketers.

The goal was to provide our clients with a superior development environment through collaborative exchanges, customer service, innovative solutions, a unique suite of services, and the latest technological advances in web and application programming. A full service environment that not only supported our clients at all levels, but also provided a true value.

To realize this goal we created a modernized internal support structure to better handle client requests and to ensure fast responses to the most demanding situations. Having years of experience in the industry, we knew what worked and what did not. We used that information to build a new system which would help us meet our goal of enhancing and streamlining the development experience.

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