Year Started:1982
Number of Employees:2

The recession in 1990-91 significantly affected the building industry. Architecture firms were especially impacted by a large shedding of jobs. When the dust settled, the firm I worked for had slashed employees from over 250 down to 24. Many in the industry never came back to architecture again.

During the same time period, the utilization of cad programs was becoming more wide spread throughout the industry. Many fought their introduction into the industry, but those of us who understood their benefit early on knew this was the future.

In 1992, I decided to take the path of most resistance and built my own company that provided cad services at a fixed cost. The niche market provided a win-win for architecture firms struggling to complete projects with reduced fees and minimal staff.

Twenty years later, and tens-of-thousands of man hours invested, the decision to forge a new path in the architecture industry proved to be the right one. Our company has worked on thousands of projects over the past two decades with the foundational principles established back in 1992. Provide a win-win for our clients and the doors, we did build, will remain open