Year Started:1919
Number of Employees:70

My father purchased the business in 1963. It had been started in 1919, then splintered, and he brought its pieces back together. It was started by a father, and his sons took it over. You can see the history on our website>company.
Dad passed in 2010, and due the to estate holiday tax that year, we were able to keep the business, and we are in the process of growing it. The government really bleeds our industry on the asbestos cases. Years ago. the government was the one to mandate the use of asbestos in Navy ships. Now, all the retired Navy men, who later worked in our industry, are suing us for something we never did. We never used asbestos. But the government did. Problem is - they can't sue the government! So they target anyone who needs to insulate, and sue them hoping to gain incremental settlements. We need help on tort reform, but the lawyers are too firmly entrenched on "the hill" as lobbyists. There are several other areas - particularly in regulation - where the government hurts us. But we keep going, and just have to pass these costs on to the consumers It is unfortunate, and reform is needed on several levels.