Owner Name:Heather Pinckard
Year Started:2010
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Number of Employees:3

Mr. President,
I would like to give you my point of view on your recent statement that business owners didn't build our business. I understand you have not had the opportunity to feel the pure joy and the gut wrenching heartache of ever owning your own company.
It would be easier for me to tell you when government was NOT there.
Government was not there when, with hands shaking, I signed my signature to the loan for my company, potentially losing almost everything my family owned if it failed.
Government wasn’t there to help me when I walked in to the city, county, or state building and visited office after office filling out endless paperwork for different government agencies, and yes, leaving a check behind for every one of them.
Government wasn’t there when I lay awake all night with worry when things didn’t go as planned.
Nor were they there for me when I worked all day and night and missed out on my children’s lives that horrible first year that all business owners understand. I suffered. My family suffered. You did not suffer.
Government WAS there to give me endless rules and regulations, and were quick to point out any of my mistakes.
I received no government help, no tax break, nothing, to help start my company. It was just me and some really awesome family and friends to back me up. But mostly my determination and my pocketbook. Not yours. While I made nothing, I made sure my employees were paid nor was I ever late on a tax payment. I made sure you, Mr. President, were paid before I ever was.
Perhaps I am being a little selfish with my words…I think my family and I deserve it. I’ll never receive any Noble Peace Prize for my works, and I am okay with that. The people that are important to me (employees, family, friends) know how hard I worked and still work.
I am so thankful to be a part of this really great community and to have the opportunity to grow MY business.
And I’d do it all over again.